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Fluor HL… No reason needed :) #fluorpencils #markers #art

I can’t believe I’ve been drawing these idiots for three out of their 4 years… Working on a fetus drawing to celebrate?

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Power couple rocking those ray-bans yassss

✎ Anonymous: I almost cry watching your work! I really admire you, I'm one year older than you and I'm so impressed of the beautiful things you are able to make, You are one of the most talented young ladies I've seen! Oh and by the way you are spanish like me, some how that makes me feel proud ;)

Muchísimas gracias :D :D

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blueyesandfreckles: What's your instagram?

@lepomiere too

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Power couple rocking those ray-bans yassss

Wip wip wip (oops)………(hi?) (Sorry)

Anonimous asked: Louis in 16? those colours are perfect for him imo!

smallsleepyrascalcat asked: Harry Styles in palette 4 please?

While I’m working on the colour meme feel free to tweet the boys under the hashtag #1DCreate a drawing of mine you like! As long as you tag me any help will be awesome :D

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I want to start my bit today e.e

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cyrillia asked: Niall in 2 please :3