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✎ Anonymous: Hey! Can you draw a picture for a Larry fanfic? Its about cute Harry (2010) and bad-boy Louis (2014, actual hair) It is for the cover of my new fanfic, can you?

Hey! You can send a link and if it’s something I find interesting then sure, we can talk about it :)

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✎ Anonymous: Where is the button to follow you?

It should be top right on my page!

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✎ Anonymous: hi, i was just wondering if you've ever done a full female version of harry? i saw your drawing of the eyes/female twin work in progress, so i was wondering if you were doing a complete version of it? i think you'd do it so beautifully, so i was just curious. i love your work and how passionate you are about it. keep it up :)

I am!! I’m doing some studies about how to do her without it looking too much like Gemma, but getting references of Gemma and Anne. But yeah, the plan is to draw a full female version of Harry :)

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I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so in love with my choice of career that I wish everyone could feel as passionate for what they do.

I hope life doesn’t disappoint me and make me hate what I’m so happy doing right now, but I can’t stop smiling when I think of what I get to experience during these four years.


✎ Anonymous: Do you go to art school...? Ive been wanting to go into the art profession but like... What job can you even get tbh :///

Hey! I do, I’m studying Arts at uni. 

My school offers 166 specialities. So. I think there’s plenty of stuff you can do!

You need to learn that working in the art industry doesn’t mean you’ll be known as an artist and much less that you’ll live off doing portraits. Studying art means that you’re aiming towards a creative career most probably, but it can be something from designing book covers to posters, scenery, illustrating or just investigation. Almost everything you see around you is designed by a creative mind and you can work on your creativity in art school. 

I wish I could live off people knowing who the fuck lepomiere is, but that only happens to 1 out of 600 art students in my school. So considering other options is good for you, too :)

Here’s a list of some of the MANY jobs you can get 

I hope you become optimist about your options. I know it’s a tough industry… art always is. Music, dance, graphic arts……. You might be lucky and be the next rihanna or you can be happy just working in something art related and live off it!

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✎ Anonymous: wowowoww your art omg teach me your ways >.<

hahahaha oh I’d love to if I knew what I’m doing!

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✎ Anonymous: I like all your arts. thank you for the wonderful moments

Oh! Thank you for the lovely message *w*

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✎ Anonymous: What do you use for the digital art?

A graphic tablet and photoshop CS5

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✎ Anonymous: What media did you use for the wet One Direction?

I used charcoal, chalk, white pencil, white marker and black marker on gray paper :)

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Let’s just say……..what if….. Female twins? What (#wip)

I scanned a bunch of drawings :)

Fluor HL… No reason needed :) #fluorpencils #markers #art